Index of Category Real Ale (view on a map)

Category: Locale:
  1. Angel, EC1Y 1BD
  2. Antelope, SW1W 8EZ
  3. Beer Circus (Croydon)
  4. Brewery Tap, SW19 5EE
  5. Builder's Arms, CR0 6TP
  6. Category Good Beer Guide
  7. Claret Free House, CR0 7AA
  8. Coach And Horses, SW13 9LW
  9. Crosse Keys
  10. Crown And Sceptre, CR2 6RB
  11. Dove Inn, W6 9TA
  12. Duke Of York (Acton)
  13. Duke's Head, SW15 1JN
  14. Goldengrove, E15 1NS
  15. Gowlett (Peckham)
  16. Hamilton Hall, EC2M 7PD
  17. Hogshead, SM1 1EZ
  18. Hoop And Grapes, EC4A 4BL
  19. Jugged Hare, SW1V 1DX
  20. King's Head (Acton)
  21. Ledger Building (Docklands)
  22. Liberty Bounds, EC3N 4AA
  23. Little Windsor, SM1 4BY
  24. Lord Nelson, SM1 4QP
  25. Magpie And Crown
  26. Masque Haunt, EC1V 9BP
  27. Morpeth Arms, SW1P 4RW
  28. New Town, SM1 4PP
  29. Oakdale Arms
  30. Oakhill Tavern, BR3 5NP
  31. Old Fountain, EC1V 9NU
  32. Orange Brewery, SW1W 8NE
  33. Orange Tree, TW9 2NQ
  34. Oval Tavern, CR0 6BR
  35. Pakenham Arms, WC1X 0LA
  36. Paternoster, EC4M 7DX
  37. Pembury Tavern
  38. Penderel's Oak, WC1V 7HP
  39. Pitfield Beer Shop, N1 6EY
  40. Porter And Sorter, CR0 6BT
  41. Princess Royal, CR0 3LH
  42. Priory Arms, SW8 2PB
  43. Red Cow, TW9 1YJ
  44. Red Lion And Pineapple
  45. Robin Hood, SM1 1SH
  46. Royal Oak, SE1 4JU
  47. Royal Standard, CR0 1SS
  48. Ship, CR0 1QD
  49. Skylark, CR0 1DP
  50. St Stephens Tavern, SW1A 2JR
  51. Star Tavern (Belgravia)
  52. The Sultan
  53. Triple Crown Inn, TW9 2SS
  54. White Cross, TW9 1TJ
  55. Windmill, W1S 2AT

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