Dove Inn, W6 9TA

  • 020 8748 5405
  • 19 Upper Mall, Hammersmith (map of this place)
  • W6 9TA

A very nice Fullers' pub on the Thames near Hammersmith. Serves the usual selection of Fuller's beer (ESB, London Pride and a seasonal), which is all very well kept. Oh, and the usual selection of lagers, cocktails etc. Honeydew was �2.60 a pint. (May 2004)

They serve food between 12-3 and 6-9 most days. The food was pricey and only of acceptable quality. The menu (written in unnecessarily wordy restaurantese) offers a wide choice, but none of the actual food was anything spectacular. Lamb shank with mash and two veg was �11.25, a sirloin steak was �9.95 and sausage and mash was �8.25. (May 2004)

Of the food tried during our visit, the sausage and mash should come in for particular criticism: the sausage tasted of bread, the mash tasted of nothing and the gravy tasted of gravy granules. The one outstanding item on the menu was the profiteroles (�3.95); the dessert menu changes regularly, however.

The night we were there it was noisy and very crowded the whole evening. I suspect this was to do with the weather and it being the Thursday before a bank holiday weekend. Service was efficient and friendly nevertheless.

The place is often busy, as it's quite small. Service copes well though. -Jakob

The pub features a tiny public bar off its front room, with space for two bar stools and not a lot else; this appeared in the 1989 Guinness Book of Records as, unsurprisingly, the "World's Smallest Public Bar". The pub backs directly onto the river, with a pleasant patio on the bank at two levels. The toilets are rather cramped. Disabled access is poor: everything but the front room is up a short flight of stairs, including the toilets.

The pub has another claim to fame - the words to 'Rule Britannia' were written upstairs when it was still a coffee house and inn.

Food is a bit pricey, but has been decent pub grub whenever I've been there - I usually go for the steak pie. Also the bar staff randomly carded my flatmates _after_ pulling their pints, much to my amusement. Good beer though, and great after a walk along the river.

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