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18 hand pumps. At least 4 regularly changing guest ales. Ales around �2.00/pint. Dry Blackthorn £1.99/pint. [Prices as of January 2004]


Wetherspoon's standard menu, City prices. They are currently (Dec 2005) doing the (long-term) Wetherspoons promotion of two main meals for £7.50 (from 1400-2200 only), offering a choice of ten meals including at least one vegetarian (5-bean chilli with rice or chips). When we visited here in January 2004 I ordered the chilli and it was cold when it came, though the bowl it was in was warm. Not had that problem here before.

Service and Ambience

The pub is extremely large inside. It is one of what have become known as Megaspoons - large town centre pubs (Cambridge, Manchester and Edinburgh have also got at least one). You may get the usual eye contact problem with the bar staff in a Wetherspoon, but other than that, the service is generally good, and they do tend to have enough staff behind the bar. (I have found the staff here to be very friendly, never had an eye contact problem. --Kake)

Clientele is mainly suits, but you wouldn't feel out of place in t-shirt and jeans. Opening hours are normal, unlike many City pubs which close early.

As with most Wetherspoons, there is no music. There is a large projection screen which they use for major sporting events.


More than one person has nearly walked straight past this place - "Nah, that can't be a pub!". But it is.

Entrance brings you to large, high domed ceiling, main bar area. The circular bar is under a tent like structure in the middle. They do serve all around the bar (apart from at the small glass-washing area).

There is a back door into St Michael's Alley, leading to the [Jamaica Inn]?, and connecting with another alley to the back door of the Counting House.

Toilets are down the large stairwell to the left of the main bar (and not obviously signposted).

To the right of the main bar is a smaller alcovey bit that feels a bit more cosy than the enormous main space. I say "alcovey" but that's in proportion to the rest of the pub. I mean I've been in entire pubs that were smaller than this "alcove".


Two bookable, but non-smoking function rooms at the rear. Also a small upstairs dining area is bookable; again, this is non-smoking.

Toilets are very clean and inspected regularly (at least the Gents are). Thankfully they have got rid of the table with a chap (bell boy, shoe shine, what's the generic term?) vending lollypops and shaving tackle, giving you a wipedown with a wet towel and soliciting tips.

The ladies' toilets are unusually ordinary for a Wetherspoons pub. The hand-washing area is reassuringly bizarre though - a sort of trough with little rubber buttons to press to make the water come out.

Pub has a public phone. And a cash point (link network).

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