Cross London Transfer

Many journeys by train involve a transfer across London between stations thanks to our London-centric rail network. Any ticket between two stations marked "+", "ROUTE LONDON" or something similar will allow you to use the tube as part of your cross-London journey.

Some helpful information for anyone arriving at each terminus...

Paddington Station

Marylebone Station

Euston Station

  • There are essentially two Underground stations serving Euston - the deep tube station within the complex (Northern Line and Victoria Line) and the separate but nearby subsurface Euston Square Station.
    • King's Cross and St Pancras stations are actually a relatively short walk away even with luggage. For heavy luggage consider a bus from right outside (although national rail tickets aren't valid on these).
    • All other stations can be reached without changing from one of the two stations. Be careful if you use the Northern Line - there are two branches with separate platforms (Bank branch for London Bridge Station and Charing Cross branch for its namesake and for Waterloo station.

King's Cross St. Pancras Station

Liverpool Street Station and Moorgate Station

  • The two stations are a few minutes' walk apart; indeed, the walk is shorter than most walks between platforms at Bank and other major tube interchanges.
  • Liverpool Street is served by the subsurface and Central lines. The subsurface lines are the Circle, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan lines, which serve a large number of termini. Moorgate is served by the Northern Line and the subsurface lines.
    • London Bridge station can be reached from Moorgate via the Northern Line; the best all-tube route from Liverpool Street is the Central Line to Bank and then the Northern Line to London Bridge, although this is quite a long walk. If your train stops at Stratford station on the way into Liverpool St, get off here and use the Jubilee Line. Alternatively, there are a large number of bus services including numbers 47 and 48 to London Bridge that travel along [Bishopsgate]?.
    • Waterloo Station can be reached with a change at Bank station to the Waterloo and City Line, although this doesn't run on Sundays (change at Tottenham Court Road station instead).
    • For Charing Cross station you can take the Circle to Embankment station or change at Tottenham Court Road station.
    • Victoria station can be reached on the Circle Line. However, the Circle Line is infrequent (trains every 8 min), and the south side of the circle is sometimes closed at weekends for engineering work. Other options are Moorgate - Northern Line - King's Cross or Euston - Victoria Line - Victoria and Liverpool Street - Central Line - Oxford Circus - Victoria Line - Victoria. The latter is a more geographically direct route. King's Cross, Euston and Oxford Circus are all rather busy interchanges; Euston is probably the shortest walk.

Fenchurch Street Station

London Bridge Station

Waterloo Station

Victoria Station

  • All the information on how to get between here and other termini should now be above!

General Notes

  • Make sure you allow plenty of time. If you are a fast walker and the tube is running OK, your journey will generally take no longer than 30 minutes; however things can frequently go wrong and you may need to take an alternative route so always allow an hour.
  • Don't forget when transferring to Waterloo International for Eurostar to arrive at least 30 minutes before your departure time for check-in.
  • Pay careful attention to signs at King's Cross St. Pancras Station - it can be confusing.
  • As mentioned before, the Circle Line can be very unreliable. On journeys not totally mirrored by the District Line, Metropolitan Line or Hammersmith and City Line, be prepared for a wait or consider an alternative route.
  • Other transfer possibilities: Some tube lines intersect rail lines before they reach their termini (e.g. [Vauxhall station]?, Elephant and Castle station, Stratford station, [Queen's Park station]? and most of the northern Victoria Line stations). On non-intercity journeys, if your train stops at any of these stations, you have an extra possibility which may make your journey easier.
  • Buses provide direct although usually slower journeys between most termini. If you find it hard to manage stairs or long walks, a bus may be a sounder option. Try the TfL Journey Planner specifying buses. Two bus routes in particular link stations together.
    • [Bus Route 205]? stops at all bus stops but runs on a route connecting Paddington, Marylebone, Euston, King's Cross & St Pancras and Liverpool Street.
    • [Bus Route 705]? is an express route (limited stop) and runs from Paddington to Victoria, Waterloo, London Bridge, Fenchurch Street and Liverpool Street.
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