Liverpool Street Station

Liverpool Street is a terminus for lines from East Anglia; in particular, the Great Eastern (which runs out though the East End to the depths of Essex) and the West Anglia (which runs out through north-east London to Cambridge). Consequently, the station has a mix of inner and outer suburban and long-distance services, including an intercity service to Norwich, as well as boat trains to Harwich, and the [Stansted Express]?, all operated by One Railway; there are also trains on the London, Tilbury & Southend line, operated by C2C, in the late evenings. All this, combined with the fact that Liverpool Street is the closest large railway terminus to the City of London, means that it is the busiest railway station in the country, handling ~120 million passengers per year.

Liverpool Street is also a [London Underground]? station, serving the Central Line and Hammersmith and City Line, Metropolitan Line and Circle Line.

Liverpool Street at 9am

Photo by Ivor Williams, 2005

Mainline Station

The station has entrances on [Bishopsgate]?, [Old Sun Street]? and [Sun Street]?. It's built on two levels; the main concourse is at the same elevation as the 18 platforms (which are in two sections; 1-10 at the western end, 11-18 at the eastern, in an annexe) and an upper concourse which surrounds and bridges but doesn't fully cover the lower concourse. Escalators and (a few) static staircases join the levels at three points.

The lower concourse extends westwards into a shopping centre, underneath a bus terminus. Railtrack have a map of the shops in the station. Notable shops include two WH Smiths, the usual junk food suspects (Burger King and [McDonalds]?), two Costa Coffees and on the upper level a record shop (Helter Skelter).

Departure boards are mounted above a walkway on the upper concourse; they're pretty visible. In addition there are service-specific screens at the entrance to each platform. Plus two sets of small screens by platform 1 and just outside WH Smiths on the east side.

Toilets and the main booking hall are on the opposite side of the station to platforms and are well signed. Toilets cost 20p, though as an alternative, you can use the free ones in Hamilton Hall, and the loos are by the exit door, hence you can use them without embarrassing yourself in front of the bar staff.

ATM (cash machines) can be found at the base of the stairs to the west side and also a couple hidden away next to the Left Luggage Office by platform 10. Also to be found in the same location, just east of platform 10, is an Anglia Railways ticket office and a Taxi cab rank.

Railtrack have a page about the station, including more facilities there, such as lost property and left luggage.

Tube Station

Hammersmith and City Line: west <--- Moorgate <--- Liverpool Street ---> Aldgate East ---> east
Metropolitan Line: west <--- Moorgate <--- Liverpool Street ---> Aldgate ---> east
Central Line: west <--- Bank <--- Liverpool Street ---> Bethnal Green ---> east

Circle Line: as Metropolitan Line.

The main tube station ticket hall adjoins the lower concourse, albeit down some steps. The subsurface platforms (for the Circle, Metropolitan and Hammersmith & City lines) are on the same level (eastbound, or clockwise, trains are nearest the barriers, with westbound/anticlockwise over a bridge inside the station).

Due to the way the Circle line works at Aldgate Station, passengers heading clockwise may well be better off either getting a Hammersmith & City train and changing at Aldgate or using the Central Line, which is reached by escalators from the main ticket hall.

In addition, there's a ticket hall on [Broad Street]? for the Circle Line, and a second Central Line ticket hall underneath platform 7 (at the north of the station, with entrances by platforms 1 and 10); however, these are only open at peak times on weekdays.

Station Information, and Journey Planner to and from Liverpool Street

Food At the Station

Here are some suggestions for food in Liverpool Street Station. Firstly there is the ubiquitous McDonalds which is useful when you absolutely need to eat something at short notice. There is also a Sushi Restaurant (Mosh Mosh Sushi) on the upper floor next to the bus station. This has medium to high quality conveyor belt sushi, and take away boxes for around 7 pounds. On the other end of the scale and station is a small take-away called "Tomodachi Unit" in the older shopping arcade (over the road from the station, attached to the tube stations upstairs presence). This is the size of a large desk, contains three microwaves, a till, and a fridge full of polystyrene containers (or "Dom") with rice and Japanese food. My favourite is the Teriyake Chicken for around 3.50UKP (Their dumplings/gyoza are also good. There is another branch on [Throgmorton Street]?, near to the London Stock Exchange - Billy) - AlexMcLintock

On the upper level is a Ponti's, which does takeaway deli food and sit down meals. Note, the system for ordering food here is not obvious; if you want a sit down meal, bypass the queue for takeaways, give your order to the staff at the hot food counter and walk straight down to the till at the end (collecting drinks and desserts en route). Now, pay for your food (which has not arrived yet), and the cashier will give you a numbered marker on your tray for your order; when the food is ready it will be brought to your table. --IvorW

Also in the arcade is a sit-down japanese restaurant (Ekachai, EC2M 7PN) and a further microwave place, which is slightly bigger, slightly more expensive and not as nice. It does however go by the name of "The Hard Wok Cafe"...

The small shopping arcade to the west on the ground floor of the mainline station contains some more "restaurants" - an Ixxy's Bagels, a Burger King, a Pub and a Rail Exclusive Baked Goods Shop (the name of which eludes me - Billy). In the middle of the passageway there are a selection of stands, including a [Rocket]?.

Upstairs there is also a small [Marks and Spencer]? which deal almost exclusively in quick snacks and sandwiches, with a small section of "stuff to take home".

Upstairs and outside (on the Bishopsgate End) there is a Wetherspoons pub, The Hamilton Hall as mentioned earlier, and a branch of the West Cornwall Pasty Company. The pasties are good.

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