Cross Platform Interchanges

On the Tube, describes a point where you can change from one line to another without using steps, escalators, or anything else; you simply change from one side of the platform to another. They're very useful for quick changes and for anyone who is not so nimble or heavily laden so other level interchanges (such as via a concourse) have been included.

Also sometimes two lines share the same tracks,so you get off at a platform and wait for another train to come on the same track.

Victoria Line

Piccadilly Line

Northern Line

Bakerloo Line

  • [Harrow & Wealdstone]? to [Kensal Green]? - same tracks as the [Silverlink Watford Line]?
  • [Queen's Park]? - cross platform interchange with the [Silverlink Watford Line]?
  • Baker Street - cross platform interchange with the Jubilee Line
  • Oxford Circus - cross platform interchange with the Victoria Line

Jubilee Line

Central Line

Subsurface Lines

The Circle, District, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan lines all share tracks, as appears on the tube map as multicoloured thick bands. Below are only shown platform interchanges with deep tube lines and National Rail.

District Line

Hammersmith And City Line

  • Moorgate - Westbound H&C has a cross platform interchange with the Thameslink terminal platforms, where sometimes H&C trains share tracks, turning around Eastbound trains
  • Mile End - cross platform interchange with the Central Line

Metropolitan Line

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