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summary='London Underground station on the District and Hammersmith & City lines'

Zone 1 Station / Streetmap Link / Journey Planner

Lines Served

Hammersmith and City Line: west <--- Liverpool Street <--- Aldgate East ---> Whitechapel ---> east
District Line: west <--- Tower Hill <---


This is the westernmost point of contact between District Line and Hammersmith and City Line - well, apart from Hammersmith, of course.

Cross Platform Interchanges, or more accurately same-platform interchanges, between all eastbound trains and between all westbound trains. Since the next station to the east is in the open air, and many Hammersmith and City trains reverse there (especially outside peak hours), this is a popular place to change trains.

It's also a fairly short walk between here and Aldgate Station.


There are exits at both ends of each platform. The eastern ticket barriers lead out to exits on either side of Whitechapel Road, one of which is underneath a public library. The western ticket barriers lead to a rabbit warren of subways, including a shopping mall called Aldgate Barrs. This is the ticket barrier to use for Petticoat Lane.

The eastern ticket barriers close earlier than the other ones, and Aldgate Barrs closes before the tube station does.

Where To Alight

Either the front or the rear of train, depending on where you are going.

Architecture and Points of Interest

One of the Tube Stations Retaining Original Decor?


  • Photo booth
  • Two cash machines (outside the ticket barriers)

Nearby Places of Interest

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