Tube Stations Retaining Original Decor

  • Baker Street Station has a large amount of its original decor in place. On the outside of the building above it is some fine relief carving depicting "ML" - as in Metropolitan Line - and "1911", the year the building was built. There are two main entrances to the station from streetside; the one on the right has a stairwell with a magnificent carved crest above the keystone of the arch inside, an effect slightly spoilt, sadly, by the modern spikes that have been attached to it to deter pigeons. The ticket hall in the Hammersmith and City line / Circle Line section is nicely tiled, and over the arches that now cover the ticket office and machines is some excellent tiled lettering, presumably dating from around 1911, stating "W.H. SMITH & SON" and "LUNCHEON & TEAROOM" (there is still a W.H. Smith shop there to this day). Areas between the ticket hall and Circle Line and Hammersmith and City line platforms contain much original illuminated signage (on the Metropolitan Line platforms as well) and ironwork grilles with the "ML" logo. The platforms themselves for those lines have been restored to try and recreate the original feel of the first tube line to be opened; the entire platform area is one long brickwork tunnel, with shafts at the side which originally let daylight in and smoke out. Unfortunately the shafts no longer give out to the street, so they're using lighting to recreate the effect. The roof of the tunnel still has a couple of smoke outlet holes.
  • Farringdon Station has its original tiling and signage on the outside, including a sign saying "Farringdon and High Holborn Station".
  • Aldwych Station (on the Strand), despite having been closed since 1994, still retains its luscious exterior and interior decoration - the front entrance (see Urban75's photo of it) to the station has a folding gate, so you can see inside, where the walls have stylish painted signs pointing TO THE TRAINS. Look out also for the south entrance around the corner in Surrey Street, which is very large and grand.

There are others, please fill this list out a bit.

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