Index of Category Cheap Food (view on a map)

Category: Locale:
  1. African Kitchen, NW1 2HN
  2. Bodean's, W1F 8PZ
  3. Burger King, SW7 4SS
  4. CTB, EC1N 7TT
  5. Chelsea Kitchen, SW3 4TZ
  6. Diwana Bhel Poori House, NW1 2HL
  7. Hare And Tortoise, WC1N 1AF
  8. Malabar Express, WC1B 3NA
  9. Mildreds W1F 9AN
  10. Misato, W1D 6PG
  11. New Ho Ho, W8 5EP
  12. Paper Tiger, SW7 2HF
  13. Pollo Bar,W1D 4UR
  14. Ramen Seto, W1B 5PY
  15. Sandwich Bar, W11 3JZ
  16. Sandwich Shop, SW7 4QN
  17. Shaziana Lahori Curry And Kebabs, W2
  18. Smithfield Cafe, EC1A 9EJ
  19. Stockpot, W1D 4JL
  20. Tai, W1D 4DH
  21. Tandoori Garden, SW6 7SR
  22. Tas Firin, E2 6DG
  23. Wong Kei, W1D 6PX

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