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Sara sez: In fact Friday is Classic Rock (the night is called Dennin & Leatther), and Saturday Goth / death / doom / metal (Subterranean Hell Noise)

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Sara sez: Lights dimmed at half ten to let people know that it's time for last orders...

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Sara sez: Regulars can get membership or vip cards which gives you 10% and 25% discount respectively.
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Dave Page recommended this, so unsurprisingly it's a goff pub. It's within walking distance of the Marble Arch Oxford Tube stop. Dave says they do good food and good beer, and the upstairs isn't too obtrusive. I think he means that all the loud goff stuff is in the downstairs bar. See also the Netgoths review.

Dave sez: Went here last night. Not a goff pub in the way of the Devonshire Arms or the Intrepid Fox, but it's part of the Eerie pub chain and has lots of Hammer-esque decor, bubbling chemistry sets etc. There are weekend DJs - Friday is Death Metal, Saturday is classic Rock, and Sunday is goth / doom / metal. The beer is good and reasonably priced, the food is fab, and the atmosphere good. Check it out.

Trelane sez: Quite an odd pub but does have some talking points. We went downstairs into the cellar bar. I don't see how any review can get away without mentioning the toilets. There's a fake bookcase wall which the toilets are located behind, but there's no visual cue (in the dark lighting) where the actual doors are and you have to basically look at the signs on the floor that point at a bit of the bookshelf you need to push to get into the loos. The staff seem to get a lot of queries about that. [The toilets (the ladies' at least) also have "spooky" noises playing in them and are not incredibly clean. --Kake, though compared to the Intrepid Fox (the gents' at least) are like Buck Pal -- Kaet].

Oh, and can someone explain why about half ten all the lights dimmed, they played Jackson's Thriller, and then the lights came up again as if nothing had happened? Does this have some other form of significance?

The areas seem quite broken up into small nooks and crannies. This makes it quite cool for groups of about 8-10 or so, but quite difficult for larger groups.


It's a pub, it sells drinks. Um. I was drinking Strongbow. A pint of that plus a pint of whatever Ivor was drinking came to �5.06, unless I also bought peanuts, which seems possible but not probable. The other receipt I still have had too many drinks on it to be of use here.


Well, there is food. "Dave" Page says above that he likes it. They do jacket potatoes with things including baked beans at around �4 IIRC. They also do "Seven Pepper Dusted Fries", which caused much amusement due to the bracketing ambiguity. Those were actually quite nice -- pepper good, pepper crunchy -- but not cheap at �1.95.

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