Kaet lives in Cambridge, but loves visiting London, particularly to shop, go clubbing, visiting attractions, and so on. Kaet is male but genderqueer. This list is here so that one day he will return and turn them into Guide pages. Amongst his favourite places are:

As you can tell, he's not the most in-depth guru of the place, but loves it dearly. He is not Kake, though he has met them and shares mutual friends.

Hiya Kaet, welcome to the Guide. Looking forward to more transport geekery from you... We have a mailman mailing list at http://openguides.org/mm/listinfo/openguides-london if you want to subscribe. (Oh, and you can refer to me as "her" rather than "them" if you like, but I don't really mind.) --Kake

For what it's worth, I really like Greg Egan's neologism "ver" as a gender-neutral pronoun. It's certainly smoother to say than "them". --Earle

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