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This principally applies to the H&C line station, but I think that the District & Piccadilly has disabled lifts to the platforms.

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Hammersmith Station is actually two separate stations. There's also a reasonably large bus station above the District/Piccadilly part.

Hammersmith Station, District and Piccadilly Lines

Zone 2 Station / Streetmap Link / Journey Planner

Lines Served

District Line: west <--- Ravenscourt Park <--- Hammersmith ---> Baron's Court ---> east
Piccadilly Line: west <--- Acton Town <--- Turnham Green
(early morning/late evening)
<--- Hammersmith ---> Baron's Court ---> east


This is a good place to change between the District and Piccadilly lines, since you just need to walk across the platform to do so (there are only two actual physical platforms; one westbound and one eastbound — each has a side for the District line and a side for the Piccadilly Line) — in other words, cross platform interchanges. In fact, when Earl's Court Station was recently closed to the Piccadilly line due to engineering work on the escalators (late 2001 till Spring 2002), Hammersmith Station and South Kensington Station were the recommended places for people to change from the Piccadilly line to the District line if they wanted to travel via Earl's Court. (Baron's Court Station is similar, but wasn't officially recommended for the same manoeuvre, possibly because it has narrower platforms).


There are two exits, each leading into the Broadway Shopping Centre. The eastmost one is closed earlier than the other, at 10pm; it also opens slightly later (I've arrived here pre-6am, and only the westmost entrance was open --Kake).

Copies of the Metro newspaper are available from the westmost exit, or the bus station upstairs, but as with most stations they run out by around the end of rush hour.

Where To Alight

Depends on which exit you want. Westbound trains, go for the last carriage but one for the eastmost exit, and the first carriage but one for the westmost exit.

Where To Get On

  • Piccadilly Line eastbound: The far left of the platform (front of train) seems to have a lower tourist-density on arrival, also this is the only part of the platform that isn't particularly visible from the steps, so only regulars tend to wait here.

Architecture and Points of Interest

This station is a four-platform one. It's recently been refurbished and is a good example of a late-1980s style Underground surface station.


  • Cash machines
    • Two of them (I think Link and HSBC), inside the ticket barriers at the westmost entrance (bear left after entering the barriers and head for the back of the hall).
  • Newsagent
    • There's a kiosk selling cold drinks, chocolate, crisps, and a couple of papers on the eastbound platform. It's not open at all times, but it's always been open when I've been there on a weekday morning between say 7 and 10. There's what looks like the same thing on the westbound platform, but I've never seen it open, probably because I'm only ever on that platform after 5:30pm.
  • Public toilets
    • The Broadway Shopping Centre that the station exits into has toilets that cost 20p. They close around 11, though, IIRC.
  • Nearby food
    • The Broadway Shopping Centre has a quite nice Costa Coffee, plus the Old Trout pub, which I've not yet tried but does food. There's also a Tesco Metro.
    • The bus station upstairs has a little caff (again, I've not tried it).
    • If you want something a little more late night food-like, the Lebanese Taverna is good and close, but slightly complicated to get to. After passing the ticket barriers, depending on which exit you're at, either go straight ahead towards Tesco Metro, or go left and walk through the shopping centre until you see Tesco Metro. Either way, pass on the right of Tesco following signs for Hammersmith Apollo, follow the window of Tesco around to the left, through the automatic doors, and down the steps to your left into the subway. Follow the subway right through without turning off, and once you're up the steps at the other end you should see it on your right.

Hammersmith Station, Hammersmith and City Line

Across the road there's a station at the terminus of the Hammersmith and City Line. There is no link between them; you have to leave one, cross the road and enter the other.

Being a terminus, all the trains are eastbound. There is a display that shows you which platform the next train will be departing from, but you can't see it from the platforms, only from the ticket barriers.

Hammersmith Bus Station

Upstairs from the <nowiki>District/Piccadilly</nowiki> station; has at least 8 or 9 different stops and serves lots of routes. Really grim at school and pub chucking-out times. I have met some interesting people while waiting for my bus here, though.

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