Lebanese Taverna, W6 9PH

  • (020) 8741 2277
  • 38 Fulham Palace Road, Hammersmith (map of this place)
  • W6 9PH

This is a decent Lebanese fast-food place very close to Hammersmith Station. There are a couple of tables at the back for eat-in, but I imagine it can get kind of hot and greasy back there. Mostly the food is either things in pitta bread — vegan falafel sandwich (�2.75 small, �3.50 large), for example, or shish kebab (�3.90 small, �5.00 large) — or main dishes with salad, pitta and either rice or chips, priced from �8.00 for lamb or chicken sharwarma to �9.00 for mixed grill. Side dishes such as hummous, tabbouleh (both very tasty), stuffed vine leaves, etc, are around �3.00.

The falafel are variable quality; if you happen to turn up when they don't have any prepared then you get them fresh-fried, otherwise you get some that have been sitting on the edge of the fryer, maybe microwaved before they go in your sandwich, maybe not. The fryer is only used for falafel, so there aren't any random inconsistent flavours, but it seems at times that they're not too careful at keeping the oil hot enough.

The salady bits and dressings are good, though — the falafel sandwiches come with tomato, lettuce, very nice tabbouleh, some good pickles, and optionally garlic puree (very garlicky, very nice), sesame dressing (vegan — the creaminess comes from mixing water with tahini) and/or chilli sauce.

Soft drinks and coffees are available, but nothing alcoholic. doop says the baklava (�2.50 for 200g prepacked) is very nice. He certainly buys it often enough.

They do deliveries; free for �10 or more, �1.50 delivery charge for less than �10. Cheques accepted with 50p surcharge.

[Prices as of December 2003]

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