Tom A

Tom Anderson, whilst not fighting Agent Smith or fornicating with Carrie-Anne Moss, is a PhD student at University College London. He currently lives in Holloway, previously having lived in Clapton (after failing to find any Places To Live In North West London), Notting Hill (briefly, when an infant), and various inconsequential places outside London. He hopes to one day live in the vibrant East End (perhaps Whitechapel or Bethnal Green, rather than the grim north or the squalid northeast. He is aware that the only difference between squalidity and vibrancy is optimism.

He would like to get hold of some Conkers this autumn.

These are a few links he has found helpful:

  • The University of London accomodation office's area guide, which is a handy breakdown of places in London where one might live
  • Sainsbury's store locator; handy if you're somewhere, you need a supermarket, and you don't know where the nearest one is. Not that one should, in general, use supermarkets unless absolutely unavoidable, but for quickly getting the components of supper and some cash, they're hard to beat.
  • Local Life UK, a website which seems to have at least some useful information about some places.
  • Global London ditto-minus-minus
  • Knowhere is cool
  • Gotta love the [TfL Journey Planner]?
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