Night Buses


The tube stops running soon after midnight and doesn't start again until about 5am. In the meantime, public transport is handed over to the night buses. London has the most extensive night bus network in the world, with a large number of extra buses and routes introduced in the last couple of years.

The traditional hub of the night bus network is Trafalgar Square - you can get to virtually anywhere in London from here, so for cross-London journeys you can guarantee that getting to Trafalgar Square is a good first step - a useful tip for after a night on the tiles.

However not every night bus runs to Trafalgar Square; other key hubs are Victoria Station, Oxford Circus, Tottenham Court Road Station, the Aldwych and Camden Town Station.

In recent years the number of orbital routes has increased (i.e. those not serving central London), making journeys between outer London areas much easier. Transport for London are also wherever possible making the day and night routes the same. Where this happens the "N" prefix is lost for night services and the route becomes a 24 hour bus route. This is indicated with a special 'day/night' symbol on bus stops.

Transport for London have a very useful list of night bus spider maps.

Night bus fares are the same as day fares; �1.50 per journey or 80p each with Oyster prepay.

Particular routes to note are:


It is unusual to have an identical night bus route (exception was: [Bus Route 14]? - now a 24 hour route) - they are almost always extended to outer suburbs although some are curtailed. --Dave)

Dave also points out that the 74 and the N74 follow an identical route although the latter is extended beyond Putney High Street to [Roehampton]?.

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