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category='Chinese Food,Delivers To Fulham,Meal Delivery,Takeaway'
category='Chinese Food,Delivers To Fulham,Takeaway'
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  • Bus routes: 74, 211, 295, 430 — there's a bus stop directly outside.

Standard, not bad Chinese takeaway. Vegetarians beware — the crispy seaweed is marked as vegetarian on the menu but as standard comes with fish powder, so you may wish to be a little suspicious of the other "veggie" dishes too.

One time I ordered from here the crispy seaweed was kind of stale tasting. It was early (6pm) so maybe they gave me some of yesterday's leftovers? It wasn't good, anyhow. --Kake

A large choice on the menu, including four different tofu dishes, and a ho-fun section with six choices. There must be getting on for about 125 different dishes on the menu. You can get a set dinner for one person (egg fried rice, chicken curry, prawn crackers) for £5, or a tofu dish at £3.10 and plain rice at £1.60 for a nice meal. [Prices as of August 2003]


Free for orders £7 or over (£1 delivery charge otherwise). [Prices as of August 2003]

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