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Fuller's London Pride, Chiswick, ESB, Fuller's seasonal ales, Stella, Fosters, Strongbow.

Drinks are not cheap, Pride is �2.40/pint (October 2002)


Standard Fullers Ale and pie fayre

Service and Ambience

Pub does not usually get overcrowded. In the evenings it is dominated by suits and legal types, but these are not 100% of the clientele.

The bar staff are friendly and courteous - and quite chatty if you engage them in conversation. As the bar in the middle is quite large with a central partition, it may be sometimes difficult to attract attention without walking round and signalling.

The very lofty ornate ceiling means that cigarette smoke is diffused very effectively. The pub is an architectural marvel with historical interest, as the building once housed the Bank of England.


Spacious downstairs main bar area with central oval shaped bar. Upstairs minstrel gallery which has half a dozen or so tables.


The venue has two downstairs function rooms, with a partition door which can knock them into one (I would recommend doing this if there are >30 people, such as at a social meeting of the London Perl Mongers). This is the regular venue of the City of London Cogers Society. The minstrel gallery can also be booked for private functions.

The toilets are upstairs, on the same level as the minstrel gallery.

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