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Cogers FAQ

Who are the Cogers? The society is a free-speech forum where issues arising from current events can be discussed in lively and convivial surroundings. Pronounced "Koh-jers", the society has met in the City of London since 1755. It is the sole survivor of the many debating clubs which met in the taverns and coffee houses of Fleet Street during the eighteenth century.

Why 'Cogers'? The origin of this name is uncertain. Records of the society, now kept in the Guildhall Library, date only from 1831. Consensus of opinion derives the name from the dictum of the French philosopher, Descartes: 'Cogito Ergo Sum' (I think therefore I am). Although the society serves as a platform for all political opinions, it is independent of any political organisation.

What do you talk about? The general topic of debate is "Current Events". This gives members and visitors to discuss any subject of their choice which has appeared in any newspaper of recent date. Most subjects of discussion tend to be of political interest but items of social and cultural interest can also be introduced.

What are the Rules of Debate? The tone of discussion is informal and free flowing. However, debate is conducted according to some elementary rules and courtesies to encourage the widest possible expression of opinion. Order is maintained throughout the proceedings by a chairman who is addressed as 'My Grand'. The debate always begins with an Opening which lasts for 15 minutes and offers a brief review of current events. After this, any member (or visitor) is welcome to address the meeting from 'the Box' for a maximum of five minutes. The meeting is closed with a brief Evaluation from one of the members and the award of the Apple of Discord - the emblem of the Cogers - to the best speaker of the evening.

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