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Marylebone Station is quite close to [[Baker Street Station]] with associated attractions including [[Madame Tussaud]] and the [[London Planetarium]]. The [[Sherlock Holmes Museum]] is also nearby on Baker Street. The Western Opthalmic Hospital and the Samaritan Hospital are also nearby.
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The [[Bakerloo Line]] platforms are two escalators down from the mainline station. Note that currently the down escalator is closed for refurbishment, so outside peak hours you have to walk down the fixed stairs; in peak hours the tube station is currently no entry.
The [[Bakerloo Line]] platforms are two escalators down from the mainline station.
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If you want a subsurface line ([[Metropolitan Line]], [[Circle Line]], [[Hammersmith and City Line]]) then it's more convenient to walk to [[Baker Street Station]] or [[Edgware Road Station]].

* For Baker Street, turn left out of the mainline station and just carry on walking to the end; the station entrance is on your right across the road.

** Note that National Rail tickets valid for a [[cross London transfer]] allow you to walk from Marylebone to Baker Street and vice versa as part of your journey (usually you can't leave the Tube at a non-National Rail station).

* For Edgware Road, walk straight ahead out of the concourse, then when you get to the big, busy [[Marylebone Road]], cross over and turn right. In peak hours there is an entrance a couple of hundred metres down the road on this side; at all other times turn left down Old Marylebone Road and then right down Chapel Street.

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Just behind the middle of the train in both directions.
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Zone 1 Station / Streetmap Link / Journey Planner

Main Line Station

This station is the London terminal for Chiltern Railways. From here, you can catch trains to Amersham, Aylesbury and Birmingham.

It is the only London terminal which does not have any form of line electrification.

Architecture and Points of Interest

Built originally by the Metropolitan Railway Company, this is an exemplary Victorian structure. There is also the story about Mr. Crocker's speculative hotel, see Crocker's Folly, NW8 8JR.


There are most of the facilities you would expect in a main line terminal.

  • Payphones
  • Interweb terminals
  • Photo booth
  • Public toilets
  • Bar
  • Restaurants and cafes

Nearby Places of Interest

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Tube Station

Lines Served

Bakerloo Line: west <--- Edgware Road <--- Marylebone ---> Baker Street ---> east


The Bakerloo Line platforms are two escalators down from the mainline station.

Where To Alight

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