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Acton comes from the Anglo-Saxon, meaning Oak Town. Acton was a village before the urban sprawl of the early twentieth century, when many people including property developers and builders moved into the area.

What Acton is famous for

  • Soapsud Island

In the 1920s, Acton became famous for being a centre for launderies. This provided employment for the area, later to be supplanted and replaced by engineering firms.

  • Site of an aerodrome

What is currently the Park Royal leisure complex (aka Acton Park Warner Village), and the Concorde Way industrial park, was a very important air field in WWII.

  • BBC people

Being situated midway between Ealing studios, and Shepherd's Bush, many BBC types lived (and still do live) in Acton.

Also, Acton has been used as a film shoot location for Minder, Only Fools and Horses, Eastenders and Monty Python.


There are four tube stations and three surface stations with Acton in the name:


Acton has many pubs, but very few good pubs.

Recommendations: --IvorW

For More Information

See AJK's site which has photographs and information on the history of Acton

Neighbouring locales: Ealing / Park Royal / Shepherd's Bush / Harlesden / Chiswick / Hammersmith

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