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== Ivor Williams ==
=== 22 September 1964 - 15 March 2009
=== Home page for Ivor Williams ===
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Ivor was a founder of the OpenGuides project. Rest in peace, friend. We miss you.

''Please do not modify the following''

=== Home page for Ivor Williams ===

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Home page for Ivor Williams

Besides contributing pub reviews and real ale related material, I have been involved in producing the software for the OpenGuides project.

I also contribute occasional writeups for other Open Guides.

I can be reached on the following email address:

Note: this is a disposable email address. If I start receiving spam or abuse, it will be closed down.

I am active in the London Perl Mongers, and I speak at Perl conferences.

I am a regular attender at the Cogers debating society.

I am a member of the West London Trades Union Club.

I am also a regular contributor to the following sites:

I have the username IVORW on CPAN and id ivorw on trac

My other interests include:

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Wiki development

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