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Small, friendly pub in a slightly secluded location, round the back of the northwest corner of Tottenham Court Road Station. You can get to it from Gresse Street off Tottenham Court Road, or Rathbone Place off Oxford Street. Quite good for the area - not touristy and not excessively overpriced. It's a Sam Smith's pub, so don't expect to recognise any of the brands at all.


Food served until 8pm. Most main menu items looked to be about £5-6. Drinks are cheap as normal for Sam Smith's - example Old Brewery bitter is £1.66 a pint. [Prices as of November 2003]

Note, this does a better pint of Sam Smiths than the keg pints in the Fitzroy, just up the road. --IvorW

Layout and Facilities

Small bar at the front (three tables), smaller bar with the gents' and a dartboard out the back. Ladies' (two reasonably-sized cubicles, cramped handbasin area with real taps) and bookable function room (with its own bar) upstairs.

Service and Ambience

Music, fairly loud. If you were being nice you might say it was eclectic; if you were being honest you'd be more likely to say it was random.

OpenGuiders' Comments

Food is OK - expensive for what it is, but that's probably got a fair bit to do with the very central location. I had mushroom soup, one of the more reasonably-priced menu items at a shade under £3. It started off very well, clearly homemade from real mushrooms, but it had far too much pepper in it, and I say that as someone who likes pepper a lot. --Kake [November 2003]

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