Vitaorganic, NW3 6ND

This restaurant is a pleasant surprise. The lack of a Central Line has diverted my journey to and from work through [North London]?, and I have discovered this gem. It's actually so good I want to tell people about it. --IvorW

First Impressions

Visible from the street is the sample menu, with guidelines about what ingredients they do and do not use. The food is a buffet, with a dozen or so pots containing hot dishes, and half a dozen or so salad dishes.

The place very much has a new age feel to it. The restaurant is lit by coloured bulbs in oriental paper lamp shades, and the walls are decorated minimally. Playing in the background is some pleasant oriental music (not the bland pan pipes we here all too much of these days).

The staff are walmly welcoming, and the other customers seemed very pleasant and friendly too, and seemed to be enjoying themselves.


All the dishes are vegan, cooked in a variety of different ways. The food was delicious, with a wide variety of flavours and textures.

Apparently they have a different menu every day.


They have fruit and vegetable juices you could die for. Looking at the range of drinks, being spoiled for choice, I decided on an apple juice, and was served a glass of freshly pulped apple - juice like I have never tasted before.

I don't believe that there is alcohol on sale, as I was not drinking - I could be wrong though.


There are different rates for lunch time and the evening.

Food talk

This is perhaps Londons premier organic vegetarian restaurant. Not only that but they have separate rawe/living food memnu as well as juice menu. The prorietor is a practising Buddhist, and knows his onions. He will happily discuss matters of food and diet, and is a veritable mine of information.

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