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This is a suggested template for laying out pages about tube stations. The information on this page is not true; I made it up by copying bits from various real stations. Please feel free to modify it and/or make suggestions in Wiki Discussion/Templates For Tube Stations. If you are making a new station page, just include the bits you know; someone else will fill in the rest.

Template begins.

Zone 1 Station / Streetmap Link / Journey Planner

Lines Served

Jubilee Line: west <--- Bond Street <--- Green Park ---> Westminster ---> east
Piccadilly Line: west <--- Hyde Park Corner <--- Green Park ---> Piccadilly Circus ---> east
Victoria Line: south <--- Victoria <--- Green Park ---> Oxford Circus ---> north

Note that you can get the effect of lines forking and merging by using the attribute rowspan on the td tag.


Handy hints here such as: When changing lines, it's faster to head for the exit, go up the escalator, and down the other escalator, than to follow the signed platform changing instrutions.

Also note whether there are any Cross Platform Interchanges, whether some interchanges are going to be hell on toast for people with mobility problems, etc.


The south exit is closed earlier than the other ones. To get to $place_of_interest, take the west exit and turn left.

Where To Alight

  • Foo Line westbound: the last door of the last carriage
  • Foo Line eastbound: the first door of the first carriage
  • Bar Line eastbound: the third door of the first carriage
  • Bar Line westbound: the second door of the last carriage

Where To Get On

  • Bar Line westbound: The far left of the platform is the back of the train and seems to be a good place to get on. It's away from the platform entrance, and today (2002-02-23) at 5:30pm when most of the train was packed solid, the last carriage had spare seats even after I and a few others got on.

Architecture and Points of Interest

The ticket hall is a huge circle underneath Piccadilly Circus itself, with exits all around the circumference. Two sets of escalators lead to an intermediate floor, then there are two runs of escalators, one to the Bakerloo and one to the Piccadilly.

One of the Tube/Stations Retaining Original Decor.


  • Payphones
  • Interweb terminals
  • Photo booth
  • Cash machines
    • Natwest and Link, just outside the ticket barriers.
  • Snack or drink machines
  • Sandwich shop
    • Pre-packed sandwiches and cakes.
  • Newsagent
  • Public toilets
    • There are some just inside one of the south exits. They don't cost any money and are therefore fairly scummy.

Nearby Places of Interest

Major attractions, good pubs, etc. Don't go into great detail; this page is meant to be about the station itself rather than its surrounds.

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