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  • Been thinking about ways of organising the tube station pages. It'd be handy to have a fairly standard template for the pages, to make it easy for someone who is familiar with the Guide to quickly find a given piece of information about a given station. I've had a bash at one incorporating most of the stuff that people seem to have been adding to tube station pages so far -- see Leicester Square Station (blech helped me with this). Then blech went to the pub, and I thought again about the which lines / neighbouring stations thing at the top and realised it would take up quite a bit of space for the stations on three or four lines, so I thought a bit more and came up with the design used in Green Park Station. Comments? --Kake
  • Ooh, nice. But how about this? --Earle
  • I like the gifs, not sure about the layout, will think more later. --Kake
    • Except I can't work out how to get an ALT attribute in there. Help? --Kake
    • As far as I know, you can't - a WikiWeakness. However Clifford Adams tells me that UseModWiki 1.0 is coming quite soon, with a whole bunch of user-contributed patches, so maybe that'll allow ALTs. Until then, I'm just as frustrated as you. --Earle
  • I have set up some new pages with what looks like a reasonable consensus of tube station and pub templates that we've come up with. See Templating Conventions. --Kake

  • The layout would possibly work better if presenting a whole tube line, and if presented vertically. Can Wiki do hovery tooltips? That would look well kool for interchanges. --IvorW
    • Yes, I was thinking of doing it vertically for the tube station pages themselves, but on an individual station page you're more likely to be interested in the stations on either side. I was also wondering about how to do interchanges; I routed differently this morning because of the delays on the Piccadilly Line, and thought it might be nice to say what the interchanges are like at various stations, to help people (especially the mobility-impaired) with journey planning (for example, Piccadilly to Victoria at Green Park is just over a minute's walk, including three short sets of stairs (all upwards when eastbound), and Victoria to Central at Oxford Circus is about a minute including two short sets of stairs (one up, one down), whereas Piccadilly to District at Hammersmith and Baron's Court are Cross Platform Interchanges). --Kake
    • You probably also mean "Can HTML do hovery tooltips?" Ish; some browsers will use the ALT text for this. This isn't in the spec, though, so Mozilla/Galeon don't, and it can't be relied on. --Kake
    • Kake++ # standards
      More seriously, no, that's not to be relied upon. However, the
      title attribute is supported like that by Mozilla (I don't know about Galeon), and can be applied to virtually anything. I can't recall offhand but I think IE is alright with it as well. --Earle
    • * AIUI, Galeon is essentially Mozilla in a smaller box, so it renders the same. lynx and links don't currently do anything with the title attribute, though. Testing page is at --Kake
    • In the past, I have come across a browser independent way of doing hover tips in Javascript. I need to track down the code somewhere. Also, can we assemble a list of browsers and versions we intend to support. IE < 4 or Netscape < 4 would be a waste of time, unless you beg to differ. --[IvorW]
    • * Relying on Javascript is a REALLY REALLY REALLY bad idea, as is requiring people to use a particular web browser. Let's just write standards-compliant HTML. FWIW I mostly use lynx, links or galeon. links's text input boxes are a lot nicer than lynx's. --Kake

  • Which tube stations have public toilets? Public loos seem to be a relic from a bygone era - but very handy when you've been drinking and the pub has closed. :-) --IvorW
    • Indeed. People should make a note of this on station pages (e.g. Notting Hill Gate Station). --Earle
    • And if they make sure to write "public toilets" rather than just "toilets", then a search on "public toilets" is likely to be more useful. Maybe should mention this in Tube Station Page Template. --Kake

  • I notice that Earl's Court Station uses some stylesheet classes I was not aware of. Do people like this layout? Could the list of classes and associated HTML tags be documented somewhere please :). Earl's Court, District Line is a very complex interchange. Do people think that this central box style would work for stations generally? --IvorW
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