Red Veg, W1D 3TB

This is a no-frills, completely vegetarian fast-food shop just off Oxford Street. The menu is short and consists essentially of deep-fried things. The flyer I have states that all items can be made vegan to order, but I remember when I visited that I was told this didn't apply to one or two menu items (can't remember which). Everything is GM-free, and the cheese is all vegetarian, for those who care about that.

Burgers are �2.85 (�2.95 with cheese), fries 95p (medium) or �1.15 (large). I had the oriental noodles (�3.25), which were really rather quite horrid, like stodgy, overcooked instant noodles with the occasional sliver of vegetable -- generous portions, though. I gave up halfway through. [Prices at 2002-03-28]

There is some seating; I think two small tables by the window.

They have another branch in Brighton.

I would say don't bother going here unless you really like burgers and fried things. There is Nice Food available just a few streets West, at Plant, W1F 7NB (also completely vegetarian), for just �1 or so more. --Kake

I do really like burgers and fried things, and thus visit the place regularly. Things occasionally seem a little undercooked when they're busy, but mostly pretty good. There isn't enough ketchup with the chips. -- mstevens

While I wouldn't consider myself a fan of fried things, I did very much enjoy their burger and their falafel wrap. --Tom

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