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Re: [grubstreet] Some thoughts from last night

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From: Earle Martin
Subject: Re: [grubstreet] Some thoughts from last night
Date: 17:34 on 09 Nov 2002
Hello hello

Almost, but not quite. My idea was to put the flag links in the toolbar
links at the top, like so - 

HomePage | RecentChanges | Preferences | Utilities | Translate: [Fr] [De]
[It] [Es] 

These links would just take you to the translation page for whatever you're
looking at. For example, selecting the French link on HomePage would take
you to:

(Aside: reading Grubstreet in other languages is quite fun!)

This would be fairly easy to do, and wouldn't require any effort on our part
once it was implemented.

Also, I'd like to propose that we drop the current method of inserting
images, and use the normal HTML way instead. I'm really sick of kludging
crappy table layouts to make images go on the left or right, and I also
really want to be able to do ALT text, dammit. I don't think that using IMG
would increase the gradient of the learning curve for new users all that

rare mint ale

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