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Refurbished around a year ago, this is a small attractive Youngs Pub with wood paneled walls and a lively atmosphere. Situated directly opposite Borough Market, a couple of doors down from the Market Porter, the Bankside tourists tend to bypass the Wheatsheaf for the lure of the well-stocked Market Porter. This gives it a more local atmosphere.


The range of Youngs, plus usually one or two guest Ales. Typically well maintained beer. I've managed to get tasters too.


It has the atmosphere of a drinking pub, but its proximity to the Market has lead to the kitchen chalking inviting looking dishes on the blackboard outside. I have yet to try the food though.

Service and Ambience

Always friendly, quick service, usually a lot of laughter around the place.


Toilets are basic, but not unpleasant. usually pin iconic picture postcards weekly to signify Mens and Ladies (last time I was in it was Brando for the boys and Mae West for the girls). Dartboard, and 2 fireplaces. Cosy.

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