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  • Correspondence address (PO box): 400 Oxford Street, London W1A 1AB
  • Official website: but beware, it is shite and doesn't work and has been known to crash web browsers (eg Galeon)

Big shop on Oxford Street. I don't think it actually says "Selfridges" anywhere that you can conveniently see it while standing outside it, but it's the ginormous thing with pillars on the north side of the street between Marble Arch Station and Bond Street Station.

Sells lots of stuff, including a reasonable range of interesting bottled beers. I remember seeing Delirium Tremens, Chimay Blue (�2.59/330ml) and Red, Hoegaarden, Liefman's Kriek (�2.75/375ml), Boon Framboise and Gluhkriek.

It also has a famous food hall, which sells fresh fruit and veg, nice things in jars, ready-made food from lots of different cuisines, various olives by weight, etc, and has a kosher section and an oyster bar.

About the website
One of our users left the above comment about the website. Recently a visitor from changed it to read 'but beware, it is great'. I just had a look at the Selfridges site; it tells me to install the Macromedia Flash Player, even though I have it. I guess they didn't test it on Mozilla for Linux. And their "text only" version, whilst appearing to be mainly fairly useful, has this at the top: "Click the Selfridges logo to return to the main site". I guess maybe they forgot what text-only means. If our anonymous Selfridges employee would like to comment, I'm sure we'd all be most interested. -- Earle

My main gripe is that I can't get useful information out of it. All I wanted to know was whether they had a haberdashery department, and after spending five minutes faffing around on the website I'm still no wiser. --Kake

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