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Underground Lines

Zone 1 Station / Streetmap Link / Journey Planner

Lines Served

District Line / Circle Line: west / anticlockwise <--- Bayswater <--- Paddington ---> Edgware Road ---> east / clockwise
Hammersmith and City Line: west <--- Royal Oak <--- Paddington ---> Edgware Road ---> east
Bakerloo Line: north <--- Warwick Avenue <--- Paddington ---> Edgware Road ---> south

Line Locations

  • District Line/Circle Line/Bakerloo Line: Found in the south-east of the station, next to the seperate "Lawn" shopping area. All 3 lines are downstairs, with the Circle and District departing from the same platform and the Bakerloo further underground. There's a second Bakerloo Line entrance in the south-west of the station, by the exit to Praed Street. There are also entrances on Praed Street for the District Line and Circle Line (opposite side of the road from the mainline station), and the Bakerloo Line (same side of the road from the mainline station, just by the Praed Street entrance).
  • Hammersmith and City Line: Found in the very north-west of the station, after platform 14. Access is either by staircase and bridge from platforms 13/14 or by the same bridge accessed from the west end of platforms 1-11 - go up the stairs at the end of the platform and turn left.

Where To Alight

Where To Get On

  • Circle Line - Either end of the train, as most people don't seem to move far from the central entrances.
  • Hammersmith and City - Again, either end of the train.

A curious fact

The District and Circle line platforms are open to the sky. At the Praed Street end, the track goes into a cut and cover tunnel section. The bridge over Praed Street was built to conceal the railway lines, and is made to look like a house, complete with chimney stacks; it even has an address. This was a gesture by the Victorian railway pioneers; they were worried in case members of the public saw smoke coming from below the bridge, and called the fire brigade.

Overground Section

West London's main train station, with lines leading to destinations all over the west of England.

Railtrack Link:


As Paddington is a major terminus, it has quite an array of facilities in the station - however the surrounding streets are also full of bars, restaurants, shops and other things.

However, in the station there are 2 sections, the main concourse (where the trains are) and The Lawn (the sectioned of shopping/eating/drinking section on the south east end of the station):

Coffee, Bars and Pubs

  • Mad Bishop and Bear, W2: - a very nice Fuller's pub, one of the only (if not the only) in station pub in the CAMRA Good Beer Guide. Located on the top floor of The Lawn.
  • The Reef: - Alright coffee/sandwich/bar place. Part of an instation chain (I think - Billy). Located on the first floor of The Lawn, above WH Smiths.


In The Lawn:

  • Yo Sushi!
  • Fusion

In the main concourse:

  • Burger King
  • Cookie and Soup Stand
  • Pick n Mix Stand


In The Lawn:

  • WH Smiths
  • Dixons
  • Body Shop
  • Sanity: (Formerly OurPrice)
  • Sainsbury's

In the main concourse:

  • Boots
  • Electronics Boutique
  • Tie Rack

An anecdote: the graffiti message "Far away is close at hand in images of elsewhere" was once painted on the south wall, visible as trains entered or left the station. I was once on a train out of Paddington when I overhead a young woman telling her friends that her father painted it - originally as a student, and then once again only a few years previous to my overhearing the tale; he crept out of the house Christmas Day (presumably they live close enough) 'going for a walk', and repainted it.

It finally disappeared with rebuilding work.

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