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category='Chinese Food,Delivers To Fulham,Meal Delivery,Thai Food'
category='Chinese Food,Delivers To Fulham,Takeaway Delivery,Thai Food'
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A quality Chinese/Thai home delivery service. The focus is on Chinese food with a few Thai dishes and one token Japanese one (beef, chicken pork or tofu in teriyaki sauce).

The main dishes on the menu are very flexible. You can get king prawns (£6.40), squid (£6.40), beef (£5.20), chicken (£5.20), pork (£5.20) or tofu (£4.10) cooked in your choice of sauce. [Prices as of October 2003]

I had tofu in Thai-style sweet and sour sauce, and it was good. Deep-fried tofu cubes, green and red peppers, pineapple and red chilli slices in your standard sweet and sour sauce (tasted more Chinese-style than Thai-style to me though). I'll try the tofu in one of the other fifteen or so sauces next time. The broccoli in black bean sauce was also good, and the rice was as nice as if I'd cooked it myself.

The food arrived amazingly quickly - it couldn't have taken more than 20 minutes. Though we do live fairly close to it.

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