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Their hygiene standards may have dropped -- I (Nik Clayton) was there on the evening of Saturday 22nd January, 2005, and left rather hastily after discovering a cockroach or other type of insect, upside down and still wriggling its legs, in the crispy seaweed.
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The New World on Gerrard Place in Chinatown does a wide choice of great dim sum from noon to 6pm; waiting staff bring round trollies with loads of different things on and you choose what you want. Despite its hugeness (they can seat 6 or 7 hundred people) there can be queues for seating at busy times; it's very popular. Try not to get seated on the raised area at the back since it's hard to get a good look at the trollies from there.

“small” () dishes are £2.10 each, and “medium” () dishes are £2.50 each — not sure how much the “big” () dishes are. Note that small, medium, big refer to prices not sizes. Small dishes are things like three pieces of pork-stuffed green pepper, four fried pork dumplings with vinegar sauce (what are these called?), two char siu pao (barbecue pork steamed buns). Medium dishes are things like har gow (large prawns wrapped in thin dough and steamed). In general you will probably pay about £10–£15 per head including drinks.[Prices as of June 2003]

Other nice dishes to go for are the ginger beef dumplings, the flat baked pork buns, and the cheung fun (big wide flat rice noodles with prawns inside)

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