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The Nag's Head

A unremarkable boozer, The Nag's Head is quite a reasonable choice for a quick pint while you're near Angel.

Even though the walls are covered with old world posters and giant unworking wooden clocks, you get the impression the place isn't really trying too hard, which in Islington makes a nice change from all the chain and gastro pubs that otherwise are to be found in the area.


The pub's bigger than it seems from the outside, and goes back quite a way. It's narrow however, and this is reflected in the size of the table - all of which are small and round and can only really fit a few people round them. You might be lucky and pull a few together, but it's really not the pub for meeting a lot of people in.

There only being one floor, the toilets are located on the ground floor and can be accessed without having to go up or down any steps.


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