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Shepherd's Bush is an area east of Acton and west of Holland Park. Its centre is the triangular Shepherd's Bush Green, which is lined by many shops and restaurants. Shepherd's Bush is also a bus terminus, with a depot, and many services turning round on the green.

There are two tube stations called Shepherd's Bush, the one at the apex of the green facing the new Warner Cinema complex is the Central Line station. Following the Uxbridge Road westwards towards Acton takes you to a railway bridge, where the Hammersmith and City Line station is. There is a third station at the remaining corner of the green, Goldhawk Road, also on the Hammersmith and City Line.

It has a number of bars and restaurants which have driven up house prices in recent years. It was traditionally an area frequented by southern hemisphere backpackers (as well as Earls Court), but many of these have moved outwards, i.e. west to Acton. Shepherd's Bush is still the home of the Walkabout Club, a famous hangout for Aussies and Kiwis.

There is also a large Muslim community to the west of the green, mainly Arabs, but also Egyptians, Lebanese and Syrians.

It has a new multi-screen Warner cinema, Safeway supermarket, and is within a short walk from Olympia Exhibition Centre and Holland Park. To the north is White City, considered part of Shepherd's Bush, home of the BBC.

Parallel to and underneath the Hammersmith and City Line is a market, which operates every day except Sunday.

Shepherds Bush has a football and rugby ground: Loftus Road Stadium which is home to Queens Park Rangers and Fulham Football Club (temporarily).


There are many pubs in Shepherd's Bush, especially around the Green.

The Bushranger: Small, but perfectly pleasant Aussie oriented pub. Sneak upstairs from around 22:30 on the weekend and they'll serve you 'til 00:00 (and beyond?). Next to Goldhawk Road Station.

O'Neils: Faux Irish pub. If you want to know what it's like, go to one in your area - thy're all exactly the same! Next to the Shepherd's Bush Empire.

The Green: Medium sized pub on the green. Food and big screen, but apart from that, painfully average. Nr. H&C Line Station.

Ginglik: A converted public toilet(!) and technically a club I suppose as you have to pay to get in. Once inside, you can play various games (chess, backgammon, mah-jong etc.) while listening to laid back beats. Would be perfect were it not for the fact it only sells overpriced bottles of beer - no draught! Right outside the Central Line Station.

Edward's: On the green, Nr. the H&C Line station, has now been renamed to The Defectors this is a very popular place to go on Friday and Saturday nights before heading off to a club. Usually have drinks offers and a DJ.

Slug and Lettuce: Fairly relaxed, modern bar. Can get quite busy in the evenings with trendy BBC folk. At least, I assume that's who they are! Half way up the north side of the green.

Vesbar: Rather similar to the Slug and Lettuce. Nr. Goldhawk Road station.

Food etc

Earle says the Happy Garden Chinese restaurant at 86 Uxbridge Road is good. Greg says "there is an italian up uxbridge road that does the best irish coffees. just a bit past the church and on the opposite side"

There's also Blah! Blah! Blah! vegetarian restaurant on Goldhawk Road just west of the Green.

Neighbouring locales: Acton / Holland Park / Hammersmith / Chiswick

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