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A large pub decorated in cod-Renaissance style. It has a very high ceiling supported by pillars, complete with remarkably ugly murals. Lots of gilt, mirrors, "marble". Numerous examples of what appear to be oil paintings are scattered around, complete with 'realistic' cracks. Shame about the obvious halftoning (printer dots) which ruin the effect.


The standard Wetherspoon's menu, city prices. Currently (as of December 2002) participating in the “Sorry Ronnie!” promotion — a burger in a roll with chips, plus a pint of Dry Blackthorn, Fosters or John Smith's for �3.49 (�3.19 if you prefer a soft drink). I tried this; it was fine if not amazing, and really good value.

Service and Ambience

Friendly service the last time I was there (a busy Friday night a couple of weeks before Christmas).

This would be a fine pub if it wasn't heaving with loud people in suits. Seems to empty out a bit after about 9-ish, unsurprisingly, so that might be a better time to go.


The function room is a nice cosy little room upstairs above the main bar. It's normally non-smoking but they can change this for the night. It would be free to hire out. The toilets are downstairs, unfortunately, down two flights of stairs. The gents' is clean and pleasant. If you book out the function room you can either pay in advance for bottles of wine etc to be placed upstairs, or order your own food and drinks from the bar on the ground floor.

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