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* I've had a chedder cheese and marmite panini. I was really good! I would definately recommend it.
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Owing to the nature of pub chains, a standard menu is offered across all J D Wetherspoon's pubs. However, it's pretty good value in my opinion --IvorW.

This is not the complete menu, just some recommendations:

  • Steaks - 10oz Rump Steak or 8oz Sirloin; available for an extra charge is a sauce of your choice (peppercorn, mushroom dianne). Also gammon steak with pineapple or egg. Various steak and ribs combos and Surf & turf.
  • Lamb shank - served with mashed potato and peas. There is quite a lot of meat on one of these.
  • Half a roast chicken - this has disappeared from the menu :(. They have replaced it with BBQ chicken melt - breast fillets: nowhere near as good value as the ol' half chicken (with enough persuasion, they might bring this back).
  • Minted lamb burger
  • Salads - Caesar, + Chicken, + Bacon.

Vegetarian / Vegan food

From Kake's writeup of Penderel's Oak:-

 An email from Wetherspoons head office confirms that the vegan choices on the menu are limited to chips,
 onion rings, curly fries, and side salad, though possibly other items could be adapted at the discretion
 of the kitchen staff.

Looking at the menu, the main issue with vegan food seems to be cheese.

Vegetarian options:

  • Nachos
  • Vegetable Burger
  • Caesar Salad
  • Stuffed peppers
  • Lasagne
  • Pasta bake


JDW now offer breakfast between 10 am and 12 noon. I've not tried it yet.

  • I've had the veggy breakfast and it was very good value. Some branches in the City open even earlier at 8am to serve this.

Sorry Ronnie!

Certain branches are offering a 6oz burger meal with soft drink for �3.19. The soft drink can be upgraded to an alcoholic one for an extra 30p.

Two meal deals

JDW offer a choice of a dozen or so meals, which cost �5.99 (�6.79 in the City) if you order two meals from this list at the same time. Only available after 2 pm.

Speciality day deals

  • Tuesday Steak Night: One of a select range of drinks is thrown in with the meal free of charge. Update: Selected pubs are now offering a bigger range of steaks, including T-bone, fillet and rib-eye steaks.
  • Thursday Curry Club: JDW pubs do a large range of curries on a Thursday 5-10 pm. A drink is included in the meal.
  • Sunday Roast: includes a drink.
A note for real ale drinkers

There is only one real ale included in the drink selection, and this is Theakston's bitter. Many pubs do not have this available, so an alternative MAY be offered according to the promo leaflets. If you care about getting a real ale as opposed to John Smiths (yuck), it is as well to ask what draught beer the pub is prepared to offer to go with the meal. Most W/S do have a sensible alternative, like Courage Best or Spitfire; some even offer a guest ale :).


JDW seem to have at least three pricing schemes in operation, and a set of menu inserts for each scheme. Categories include "Med", "High" and "City" - I have not found any "Low" in London, but there may be some. --IvorW Check the bottom of the menu page for clues as to the pub's category.

Nutritional and dietary information

Check out the link below (best in a new window, as the Javascript is rather sucky %-/ ).

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