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The Hen and Chickens

The Hen and Chickens, located on Highbury Corner Roundabout on the corner of St Pauls Rd, is recognisable by the giant illuminated red "Bass" sign on the side. To give it's full name "The Hen and Chickens Theatre Bar", is indeed that, a fringe theatre that dabbles in comedy nights too (see the website for details of what's currently showing.) The pub also features live bands - who just play covers - that kick off at quarter to eleven most evenings. While enabling them to have a late licence, they tend to be really loud making normal conversation impossible once they start playing. After normal closing time you'll have to pay to get into the pub (currently in Feb '02, �3 a head.)

Occasionally you may hear a bell ring - this is the cue for people to go up to the theatre. This means that even when the pub seems quite busy at points it can thin out all of a sudden.


The pub offers a reasonable selection of beer, including Pride and Staropramen. The soft drinks are Bass too, so it's Pepsi not Coke (which they can't serve by the pint.) They don't sell any cider.


The pub is in fact quite small. It features two doors on either side of the building, though only the eastern of these always is open (laugh at the people trying other one and not being able to get in.) As well as the main bar, a top runs about the edge of the building where you can sit on the high stools and perch your beer. There are a few low tables with chairs where four or five of you can sit around. Lots of dark wood and a rather quite odd Bull on the wall.

When the bands set up they set up on the west side of the pub taking up about a quarter of the seating area.

The toilets are located on the ground floor and are easily accessible.

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