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* [ The Beanstalk] - one the Heath's most notable trees
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A large - nearly 800 acres - park in the Hampstead area of North London, including Parliament Hill and Kenwood House. The park has 25 ponds, woodland and hedgerows home to a number of species. People often go to the Heath to fly kites.

Someone commented on this page: "It is sadly not safe after dark (is any London park?)" -Like most London parks and indeed whole suburbs, the Heath may be a poor choice for women to visit alone after dark. But for men, runners in groups, etc, I do not believe Hampstead Heath is particularly dangerous. Primrose Hill is even more recommended for after dark running, being brightly lit, compact and with good visibility throughout.

"It is largely unkempt with long grass." -Hampstead Heath is not all gardens and playing fields - it is a heath. As such, it isn't immaculate lawns but woodlands and meadows.

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