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Fuller Smith and Turner plc

The Fuller's brewery is one of two large regional brewers in London (the other is Young's).

Fullers have an estate of about 200 pubs, a large proportion of which are in London, but they also have outlying pubs in Reading, Oxford, Aldershot, Guildford, and in many villages.

The standard bitters are as follows:

  • ESB - 5.5% ABV
  • London Pride - 4.1% ABV (Note: bottled pride is 4.7%)
  • Chiswick - 3.5% ABV

I heard on a tour of the brewery, that these brews are successive mashes of the same grains: ESB is the first mash, Pride the second, and Chiswick the third.

Fuller's did attempt brewing lager at one time, but this was a comercial failure. Their fermenting vessels are kept busy enough with the bitters.

Fuller's also have seasonal brews on draught:

  • Jack Frost (Winter)
  • Honey Dew (Spring)
  • Summer Ale (Summer)

Some of these are obtainable out of season in bottles.

In 2003 Fuller's launched their Autumn Beer Festival, featuring three beers usually not available on draught. In 2003 the beers were Honey Dew, London Porter and 1845. In 2004, the beer lineup consisted of Honey Dew, Red Fox and Mr Harry

Other bottled beers to look out for:

Fullers also produce bottles of the following for the export market. Bottles are rarely found in the UK.

  • IPA - Also bottle conditioned, this one is quite rare and delicious. It's a shame the brewery didn't produce more of it
  • London Porter - rich and dark porter, yet easily drinkable.

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