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(Mark Gaved) - I'd say cheap but not remarkably so. January 2006 a main course "Paper dosa" was �5.95 and mango lassi was �1.95 so in my humble opinion that counts as cheap but not amazingly so.

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Service and Ambience

Very, very casual. It reminded me a bit of the seating area of my sixth-form school canteen: tables and benches along the walls plus a few two-person tables along the middle. The place is quite small for the number of tables, so it can be pretty hard to move about when it's crowded — when we left it was full and a little rearrangement was needed for us to actually get out of the place!


Entirely vegetarian menu based around dosas (rice pancakes) with various lentil or vegetable fillings. It's pretty unusual and rather good. And very, very cheap.


Unlicensed, but they're happy for you to bring your own booze. I don't think they charge corkage — they'd better not, since they just provide you with a corkscrew and you open your own wine.

They do serve soft drinks including a selection of lassis.

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