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Formerly known as Hung's this is a great no frills chinese restaurant. It is far more authentic than its new name, 'Crispy Duck', would suggest. A large selection of chinese delicacies and a clientele thankfully devoid of tourists due to the understated and cramped decor.

As you enter, squeezing past the hanging roast duck and pork, a small number of seats are located on the ground floor with more additional seating on the 1st and snd floors. Toilets on the 1st floor. The seating arrangements can be a little cramped and things don't look shiny and new but I have never had a bad meal there after 5 years of regular patronage.

Indeed it is the food that sets this restaurant out above most others in Londons's Chinatown. Large portions, an immensely extensive and varied menu (such that ordering sweet and sour anything feels like sacrilege), and efficient service have made this restaurant a favourite with everyone I have been there with.

The menu does I feel deserve special note and as such I invite those who have sample more of its less common dishes to give some additional examples. Those that spring to mind are: Chicken feet, congee and more kinds of offal than I care to mention let alone try. Together with all the boring popular dishes there are plenty of more adventurous less common dishes that aren't too unsuited to the British palette, there is defineately something for everyone here.

Another important plus to this restaurant is its opening hours. Open till early morning many times have my friends and I been there after a night out. The congee can particularly be recommended to sober you up enough to not sleep past your stop on the night bus.... usually.

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