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Pubs are great. We like pubs. Some of them have beer gardens. Most people have experienced the dilemma of finding a pub that's open after 11pm - a particular nightmare in the centre of town. Similarly, there are those venues that conjur up a strange air of 'Deliverance' that are best avoided unless you carry fire-arms as a matter of course (or like getting beaten up/stared at in a strangely disturbing way.)

Some pubs (notably JD Wetherspoon ones) have non-smoking areas for people who don't want to inhale second-hand-smoke while enjoying a beer.

Pub-related phenomena include closing time, pub crawls and vertical drinking.

Our recommendations

  • The Porterhouse (Covent Garden) is a good but pricey pub in the West End.
  • The [Head of Steam]? is a good real ale pub next to Euston Station.
  • The [Wenlock Arms]? is... well, it just is. Real ale and real cider.
  • [De Hems (Soho)]? is a very nice Dutch bar that also does draught Kriek and other good Belgian beers.
  • The [Jerusalem Tavern]? in Clerkenwell does some very nice and unusual beers from the small St Peter's brewery.
  • If you're ever forced to go to Bromley, [The Partridge]? on the High Street is probably your best bet.


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