Pub Crawls

The basic premise of the pub crawl is to visit a succession of pubs, rather than spending the entire evening or day in a single establishment. London offers an excellent choice of themes for your pub crawl.

Area-based crawls

The simplest pub crawl idea is to visit a number of pubs in a given area, for example Soho, or Holborn.

  • Aidan's London Pub Crawls lists several area-based pub crawls, with maps showing the location of the pubs and interesting historical information on the areas covered.
  • In Wheels We Trust organise rickshaw pub crawls. You choose the area of the crawl, and the driver will work out a route. The first beer is on them.
  • LONDONcrawlOffers regular, guided pub crawls in London. Runs every Monday and Tuesday night starting at 7pm.
  • BarCrawl's pub crawl creator Will generate a google map of a random pub crawl in your selected area or between 2 chosen pubs. Also can create your own, some user created London ones displayed here, such as the London Monopoly crawl

I plan to put together some pre-defined pub crawls, which give a cross section of types of pub and breweries etc. --IvorW


River crawls

Start at a suitable pub on the riverbank, and travel along the bank in one direction, visiting pubs you pass on the way. For example, you could start at the [Old Thameside Inn]?, and take in the Anchor, the Founders Arms, and [Doggett's Coat and Badge]?.

Tube line or bus route crawls

Travel along one of the Tube lines or bus routes, visiting a pub at every stop.

  • has the facility to list pubs near a given Tube station
  • Circle Line Pub Crawl, done by several people who contribute to the Guide

Other themes

  • Pubs with Beer Gardens (there are lots of these; it might be a plan to combine this with other criteria)
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