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Eat in (all you can eat) for &pound;5, or takeaway. A takeaway box costs &pound;3 for a small one or &pound;4 for a larger one. Chinese tea (with free refills) is &pound;1. <small>[Prices as of January 2003]</small>
Eat in (all you can eat) or takeaway. A takeaway box costs 3.
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One of the Chinese vegan buffet restaurants that are springing up all over London. You can choose from a selection of hot and cold dishes such as mock beef and green peppers in black bean sauce, sweet and sour fake meat balls, curried vegetables, broccoli with garlic, fried noodles, steamed rice, spring rolls and so on. Unsurprisingly given the low prices, the emphasis is on the cheaper ingredients such as potatoes, green peppers and onions. Also, since part of the philosophy behind the chain is to tempt meat-eaters in, there might be too high an emphasis on fake meat for some people. Overall, though, the quality is generally very good value for the price.

Eat in (all you can eat) or takeaway. A takeaway box costs �3.

See also Tai, W1D 4DH.

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