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This massive bookshop on Oxford Street spans three floors and has an integral branch of Starbucks, like other Borders branches. Whilst Borders has come under some criticism for trampling over the territory of smaller, longer-established bookshops, and being an example of rampant globalisation/homogenisation (vide the Starbucks!), it has to be said that this really is a superb bookstore. Its size is opportune for a fine range, and the addition of a place to rest, have a coffee and browse the stock is laudable.

Indeed, they seem comfortable with people using the place as, essentially, a free library, judging from the crates they leave around the Starbucks for people to deposit books in when they're finished with them. Presumably, the return on their investment of trust in the customers to not tip their tall skinny mochas all over the pages is good enough to mantain the arrangement. It's also one of the few places you can get a late coffee in town.

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