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<img src="pictures/" width="500" height="126" alt="Abbey Road sign. (c)"><br>
<small>Photo by Ian Briton. (c) []</small>
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<small>Photos by [[IvorW|Ivor Williams]], 2005</small>
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<img src="" alt="Front">

<img src="" alt="Side view">

<img src="" alt="Famous zebra crossing">

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<img src="" alt="Famous zebra crossing"><br>
<small>''That'' zebra crossing. Photo: [[IvorW|Ivor Williams]], 2005</small>

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<img src="" alt="Front"><br>
<small>Abbey Road studios. Photo: [[IvorW|Ivor Williams]], 2005</small>
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Photos by Ivor Williams, 2005


Side view

Famous zebra crossing

This road in St. John's Wood is famous for having the recording studios where the Beatles recorded most of their hits and albums. These of course include the album of the same name, with the cover picture of the four of them on the Zebra crossing.

The studios have become something of a tourist attraction, including the graffiti wall (which keeps being painted over by council busybodies :( ). The studios occasionally have open days, but usually charge admission, or tie entrance in with a film festival.

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