Silverlink Barking Line

Nicknamed the GOBLIN (Gospel Oak to Barking Line), the Silverlink metro service that runs between Gospel Oak Station and Barking station is occasionally a useful line. Besides its two ends, the only other interchange it has is with the Victoria Line at [Blackhorse Road Station]?, although several stations are only a short walk from other lines.

The route:

The experience of waiting for trains on this line can be a frustrating and unpleasant one. [Leyton Midland Station]? and Leytonstone High Road Station are barely stations at all and are better described as platforms on either side of the rail viaduct. There are no staff and a single timetable on each platform. Every now and then you may hear a crackly announcement that a train has been delayed. The "shelters" barely provide any shelter, because the sides are made of steel sheeting with round holes in - presumably because glass or perspex sheets would be prey to vandalism. As a result, whilst rain may not fall on your head you will still be extremely cold in the winter because you're high up and not protected from the wind at all. Whilst you shiver you can look at the plastic flowers in the hanging baskets.

The service itself is a diesel, noisy but otherwise pleasant, two car train, connecting parts of East London that are probably grateful for the link. The train has a toilet on it, unlike the Silverlink North London Line. Apocryphally, there are only four trains on the whole line(!), so if something goes wrong with one of them you can expect extended delays.



This was handy for me to reach a party at AlexMcLintock's place in Leytonstone from Acton, with the Central Line being out of action. --IvorW

A nice feature is the almost total absence of ads. Oh, and you buy tickets on the train. --Roger Wernersson

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