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There are a few things around the edges of Wandsworth Common itself. Bellevue Road has a Pitcher & Piano pub, a steak place, a small bookshop, a patisserie, an Est Est Est, other things, including [Chez Bruce]?, possibly the best restaurant in London (well, of French/Modern British restaurants, anyway).

It's the kind of place where the post office closes for lunch and the shops have notices in the window saying things like "Wendy had a boy!". Around half of the people you see walking around in the daytime appear to be under 5. Not very much like being in London at all.

[Northcote Road]? is fairly near the common and has a fruit and veg market on some days - not sure which. Also has the Hamish Johnston cheese shop - 48 Northcote Road, 020 7738 0741, open Mon - Sat 9am - 6pm, http://www.hamishjohnston.com/

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