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The borough of Southwark sits in almost the exact centre of London, and is part of its ancient core, having been inhabited for some two millennia. For over a thousand years Southwark was a hub for warehousing and river freight; in the era following the Industrial Revolution it also became a major location for manufacturing. As the age of the [docks]? came to an end from the 70s onward, though, the area entered a phase of decline and poverty; this has now been halted, and some parts, at least, of Southwark are rapidly becoming very desirable places to live as the old warehouses are converted into apartments and new developments such as More London Bridge are built.

Amongst other things, Southwark is famous for being the home of [William Shakespeare]? and his Globe Theatre. It's also home to some of the oldest pubs in the country, such as the [George]? and the Anchor, London Bridge, the Clink Prison Museum and the new Greater London Assembly building.

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