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London is a 24-Hour city. Well, a bit. This category collects the shops which live up to that dream.

Worth noting is that a lot of petrol stations are 24-hour, and if these have a little shop (often a tiny Sainsbury's or Tesco) attatched, this will often be open 24 hours as well; even if you can't go in, the cashiers can fetch stuff (or tell a security guard to get it) for you.

Some 24-hour branches of Sainsbury's (mostly from north London):

  • Holloway Beach (104 - 106 Holloway Road; N7 8JE) - petrol station
  • Hornsey Rise (89 Hornsey Rise; N19 3SH)
  • Harringay (Williamson Road, Green Lanes; N4 1UL) - a reasonably big one
  • Islington (31-41 Liverpool Road; N1 0RW) - not 24 hour every day, but has the 'normal' pattern of closing at 2200 on saturday, having normal short hours on sunday, and opening at 0700 on monday
  • Clapton (144-150 Upper Clapton Road; E5 9JZ) - petrol station
  • Muswell Hill (Colney Hatch Lane, Pages Lane; N10 1QB) - not actually clear if this is 24-hour or not
  • Dog Kennel Hill (SE22 8AA) - open 24-hours Monday to Friday, but it closes at 10pm on Saturdays and 5pm on Sundays
  • Cromwell Road (158A Cromwell Road. Kensington; SW7 4EJ) - does the normal weekend thing

Hard to believe there isn't a 24-hour branch anywhere remotely central, but it seems to be true.

The Camden branch is open until midnight, which is something.

Tesco's store locator claims that it'll tell you if a store is 24 hours, but it doesn't. However, Tesco, E9 6ND is.

Tesco in Kensington on West Cromwell Road (near Earl's Court tube) is really open 24 h. and is very big.

Food City near Edgware Road Station is open 24 hours. map

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